My weather station running weewx, with alternate amphibian skin (was wview). This is currently running a WS2083 from Scientific Sales. Which is just a branded version of a Fine Offset WH2081

Specs of the WS2083

The WS2083 is the next generation in all-in-one wireless Professional Wireless Weather Stations.  With its easy set-up and comprehensive weather information the WS2083 is a popular choice for commercial and home users looking for accurate local weather monitoring and forecasting.  

The WS2083 has a transmission range of up to 100m (line of site) back to the main unit which displays temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind, rainfall, dew point, windchill, date/time, and short range forecast.  The main unit stores up to three months worth of data with easy viewing of historic records. 

The WS2083 can also be connected to your PC via USB and comes with software for quick and easy downloading and charting and also allows uploading to websites for displaying local weather conditions.